David Mygind

CEO, Founder in Bruxelles, Belgien

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David Mygind is a young and yet already rather accomplished entrepreneur who has managed to turn multiple startups into successful and thriving businesses despite his relative young age. The majority of the activities which has been launched over the last 17 years are currently gathered within the corporate structure of the "SLL dealer network".

The scope of activities within the SLL dealer network is focused on delivering high quality industrial lighting. The products are environmental friendly long life solutions which have allowed more than 100.000 businesses and institutions to generate substantial savings. The success of the SLL brand is derived from the assertive marketing strategy that David Mygind has introduced in his role as CEO.

A strong academic track record supports the impressive professional achievements of David Mygind. He holds a world leading triple accredited Executive MBA from Copenhagen Business School and a prestigious Master of Finance from Goethe University in Frankfurt. David Mygind further holds graduate degrees within the fields of marketing organisational theory and international business.

A strong dedication to life long learning has finally compelled David Mygind to embark upon the grand challenge of a part time PhD at the International School of Management in Paris.

Equity investing is an important leisure activity for David Mygind. You can therefore follow him as he sometimes blog about equities on various websites that mainly services self-guided private investors.

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    • The SLL dealer network
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    • Copenhagen Business School
    • Goethe University Frankfurt